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I'm a 22 year Fire Department Veteran and Cognitive Behavioral Counselor.

My goal is to provide you with:
An accurate assessment of your needs.
A variety of tools, skills, and resources for your success.
Safe compassionate, confidental teletherapy.

Together we can create a plan to heal and optimize your mental fitness.

Check out my YouTube Channel:Please take a look at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mjmaliniak/videos



I can help you with:
Work, relationship and family stress.
Life's transitions, losses and challenges.
 Post Traumatic Stress and anger issues.
Physical, emotional, and substance abuse and addiction issues.
Sexuality, gender and women's issues. Safety, Bullying and discrimination.

Life Coaching 




Educational background and experience:
Masters in Counseling, University of Phoenix
Nationally Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor Over 13 years experience. 
EMDR Level 1
B.A. Psychology, University of Arizona
A.A. Paramedicine and Fire Science 
Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Faculty, University of Phoenix

Over 22 years experience in fire and emergency medical service.
I provide a free initial 30 minute session so you can see if we will make a good team for your healing work.  

Help your brain grow in a healthy way.
Create new neuropathways, the branches of your brain that create your life.

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